Juan B Plaza

Juan B. Plaza is a multi-faceted artist who started his journey with delicate China ink on paper drawings (www.doctorwiggls.com) and later moved to larger, more colorful pieces in search of what he calls “The Wow Factor!” in which viewers are attracted to the sheer brilliance of the colors, just to discover the perspective ruses and mind games that are so characteristic of his work. Juan is attracted to textile patterns and drastic combinations of large areas of black and white background and then an explosion of cleverly situated color. Apart from being an artist Juan is an avid cook, a commercial pilot, a Geodetic Engineer, an MBA in International Finance, a Bonsai enthusiast, carpenter, a surfboard shaper and a musical enthusiast of progressive rock. Juan combines all these disparate interests in his art, surprising us with color combinations and phrases that have little to do with traditional art.
Three Floating Boxes in a Red Room
Confusion in Perspective
Melancholy in Green

The Genesis Of A Drawing